Did you know that April is Dog Appreciation Month?

While that might sound like a made-up holiday, I can assure you it’s a valid one. Think about it. How many viral videos have you seen where a dog is making a person’s life better? Dogs reuniting with their family, dogs meeting a new baby for the first time, rescue dogs finding their person. I truly believe having a dog will improve your life. Let me break it down for you. 

You're very own icebreaker 🧊

"Can I pet your dog?" It’s a classic line. And it’s the ultimate icebreaker. Meeting new friends organically can feel exhausting and impossible. Having a dog and introducing that dog to others eases social strain and creates opportunity for conversation and connection. Head to the dog park and mingle with other dog parents. Take your dog on a walk and meet your neighbors. Head to a nearby brewery or coffee shop with your dog and connect with other locals. I mean it when I say people LOVE meeting dogs. Your dog is your ultimate wingman. Or wing-woman. Wing-pup!

Check out spaces like DOG PPL – a social club for dogs and humans! DOG PPL is a café, bar, lounge, and dog park all in one. You and your dog will absolutely meet like-minded friends here. DOG PPL works hard to foster a sense of genuine community – all you need to do is show up and join the fun!

Your dog as your personal therapist 👩‍⚕️

Having a dog in your life makes you more flexible and open to social interaction. Sharing a loving connection with a dog can encourage positivity, physical activity, and curiosity – all traits that contribute to your own personal growth. When you’re invested in your own growth, you’re more likely to engage in meaningful new relationships. 

Basically, your dog is your therapist now. No, no I’m kidding....but not really. How can you not appreciate all that positive energy generated just from caring for your dog? 

Man and woman with a dog in car with the roof down. Blue skies.

Dogs are the best matchmakers 🫶

I mean, hello, we all know that scene from 101 Dalmatians. The two helpless humans can’t seem to get together until our dalmatian heroes, Pongo and Perdita, tangle the leashes around their legs and physically force them together. Now, your dog may not be this resourceful but that doesn’t mean your dog can’t help you encounter new love!

Dogs are not only great conversation starters – they’re insight into who you are as a person. Maybe you have a dog that you love taking on outdoor excursions. That might be really appealing to a potential partner who loves adventure! How you love and care for your dog is an expression of who you are – and it could open new avenues for friendship and love that you aren’t expecting. 

2 black dogs sitting down at table on a patio bear a street with flowers in the back.

Finding the one 🐶

And speaking of love… there’s nothing quite like the unconditional love of a dog. Especially a dog in need of a home. If you’ve been looking for inspiration to find the right dog for you – or add another dog to your family – you’ve come to the right place. 

Having a dog in your life can expand your world socially and emotionally. There’s something special about going to a shelter or an adoption event and finding the dog that was meant for you. Or, maybe, that dog will find you! 

If you’re interested in fostering and adopting, check out Pup Culture Rescue  for future events. 

Once you find your perfect match, you’ll understand why dogs deserve to be appreciated throughout the month of April—and, frankly, the whole year!

Much love & many licks ✌️

-JB & Sofi The Doodle

Man posing with a puppy walking with a blue sky behind them

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