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Improve your dog's street smarts with our basic training sessions. From city dog etiquette to command training our goal is to create a positive training experience for you & your dog.

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Need behavior modification or advanced training? We partner with the top dog behavior & training experts in Los Angeles and will help you find the perfect trainer or program for your dog!

RATES per visit

1 Hour: $70 (Non-member = $83)

*1-on-1 or family training*

METHODS we use

👍 Positive reinforcement

🤝 Relationship-based training

🔔 Clicker training


⛔ "Alpha Dog" or dominance training

⛔ Negative reinforcement

⛔ Fear-based training


Looking your best is crucial for a Westside dog. Our in-home grooming visits or rides to our grooming partners will ensure your pup is not only happy and healthy but also looking like G. 

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RATES per visit:

*Take an additional 20% off with overnight care!*

🧹 Brush Out:

Small Dog = $29

Large Dog = $40

🛁 Bath-&-Brush:

Small Dog = $80

Large Dog = $92

🚗 Ride to Spa: $20 roundtrip

GROOMING visits include:

🛁 Bath & blowdry, brushing, nail grind, & ear clean

🚽 Potty break at end of visit

📱 Text Updates w/Pics & Videos

❤️ Love, attention, & treats (if allowed)

🥣 Feeding & water refresh

🥇 Trained Dog Professionals (bonded & insured)

MEMBER perks:

🚪 1 FREE Bath-&-Brush Visit!

🏷️ Up to 15% off services & care!

📅 Priority booking

🙅‍♀️ No extra fees for late nights, holidays, or same-day requests.

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Dog Rides

Our rides are a convenient way for your dog to safely travel to-&-from appointments while you’re at work, traveling, or just busy.

Need help finding a Vet, Groomer, or something else? We can help you schedule with one of our partners free of charge!


➡️ One-Way Ride: $21 (Non-member = $25)

🔄 Round-Trip Ride: $38 (Non-member = $45)

*We can also accompany your pet to vet appointments for a stress-free experience!*

RIDES include

🚌 Rides up to 2 miles from Santa Monica

📱 Text updates upon pickup/drop off

🚽 Quick potty break before/after

❤️ Appointment buddy for those important visits

🥇 Trained Dog Professionals (bonded & insured)

The Best Team Ever.

We hire, train, and manage our pet-loving team to be the best at their jobs, experts in Dogs 101, and give world-class belly rubs.

DM: @westside.doggang

Call/Text: (310) 752-4649