Coming soon to Santa Monica!

Located in DTSM, our clubhouse features open play areas, directed activities, trained staff, and flexible stays, catering to the lifestyles of busy dog-parents needing short visits to full-day care.

Open Play Areas

Designed for fun, socialization, and pack learning, with two separate spaces to cater to different vibes & play styles.

Relaxation Room

Created for naps and unwinding, is specially designed for low-energy or older dogs. It's equipped with comfy beds, couches, a TV, and more, ensuring they feel completely at home.

Training Room

Designed for 1-on-1 training, group classes, and educational workshops, catering to every learning need.

Dog Wash Station

We offer luxury dog baths, low-volume dryers, and grooming tables, for a convenient & stress-free experience.


Our facility stands out with a modern, flexible design that's easy to update and keep clean, moving away from the usual "warehouse" daycare vibe and creating a fresh, attractive space for the best experience.

The Best Team Ever.

We hire, train, and manage our pet-loving team to be the best at their jobs, experts in Dogs 101, and give world-class belly rubs.

DM: @westside.doggang

Call/Text: (310) 752-4649